#Concert : Madonna MDNA Tour 2012

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Madonna StadeDeFrance 2012

Madonna a commencé sa tournée mondiale qui passera par le Stade de France le 14 juillet prochain.

Voici les tableaux et la setlist du concert :


INTRO - Act of Contriction - Kalakan 
Girl Gone Wild (Material Girl & Give it 2 Me) 
Revolver (feat. Lil Wayne backdrop) 
Gang Bang (album version) 
Papa Don't Preach (version 1:30 min.) 
Hung Up (new version/Voccoder) 
I Don't Give A (rock version + Nicky Minaj Backdrop)

Best Friend/Heartbeat (interlude) 
Express Yourself (Born This Way + She's Not Me) 
Give Me All Your Luvin' (R&B version)
Megamix Interlude: Holiday / Music / LuckyStar
In to the groove / Physical Attraction
Turn Up The Radio (album version) 
Open Your Heart (Sagarra Jo by Kalakan) 
Masterpiece ( + Kalakan) 

Justify My Love (interlude) 
Vogue (Super Bowl full version) 
Candy Shop ( + Erotica) 
Human Nature (album version) 
Like A Virgin (Valse version) 

Nobody Knows Me (interlude) 
I'm Addicted (album version) 
I'm A Sinner (Cyberraga + Kalakan )
Like A Prayer (new version) 
Celebration (psychedelic version)

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